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Saturn's Rings in the Lab!

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The original church that started "A Civil Action"

The man who inspired "A Civil Action"

The UAH Spinning Terrella


Recent Proposals:

Recent Books:

  1. The Long Ascent: Genesis 1-11 in Science and Myth
  2. Laser Satellite Communication: The Third Generation

Recent Papers:

  1. SPIE2015: Arrhenius Reconsidered
  2. SPIE2015: Comets and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (Acrobat PDF)
  3. NETS2014: Dusty Plasma Fission Fragment Rocket Engine (Acrobat PDF)
  4. SPIE2013: Comets and Entropy Hydrodynamics: How Does Evolution Violate the 2nd Law? (Acrobat PDF)
  5. NETS2013: Dusty Plasma Fission Fragment Rocket (Acrobat PDF)
  6. SPIE2012: Carbonaceous Chondrites as Bio-engineered Comets (Acrobat PDF)
  7. SPIE2011:
  8. Chapter in Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology 2011: Comets, Information, and the Origin of Life
  9. JASTP 2008: The Quadrupole as a Source of Energetic Particles III. Outer Radiation Belt and MeV electrons. (Acrobat PDF or ask for published PDF)
  10. Space Sciences, in Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Interpretation, and Applications (2009): (Acrobat PDF)
  11. SPIE 2008: Cosmological Evolution: Spatial Relativity and the Speed of Life (Acrobat PDF)
  12. SPIE 2007: The Cometary Biosphere (Acrobat PDF)
  13. Physics of Plasmas 2006: On the Current Sheet Model with κ-distribution (Acrobat PDF)
  14. SPIE 2006: Water on Comets: Deep Impact, Stardust, and Hayabusa (Acrobat PDF)
  15. JGR 2005: Solid and grid sphere current collection in view of the tethered satellite system (Acrobat PDF). ( Abstract)
  16. JGR 2005: Comparison of energetic ions in cusp and outer radiation belt. ( Abstract)
  17. JGR 2005: Multiple spacecraft observations of energetic ions during a high solar wind pressure event. ( Abstract)
  18. 2005 AIAA Proceedings: A Dusty Plasma Based Fission Fragment Rocket (Acrobat PDF)
  19. 2005 SPIE Proceedings :
  20. 2004 SPIE Proceedings: Astrobiology of Comets (Acrobat PDF)
  21. Submitted to: AGU Monograph 2006 (Chattanooga Workshop 2004): The Quadrupole as a Source of Cusp Energetic Particles: II. The Static Equinoctal Cusp (Acrobat PDF)
  22. AGU Monograph 2005 (Lake Guntersville Workshop 2002): The Quadrupole as a Source of Cusp Energetic Particles: I. General Considerations (Acrobat PDF)
  23. NFFP 2003: Dusty Plasma Solar Sail Feasibility Study (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  24. JGR 2003: Comment on "Origins of energetic ions in the cusp" by Trattner et al. (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  25. JGR 2003: Comment on "MeV magnetosheath ions energized at the bow shock" by S.-W. Chang et al." (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  26. JGR 2003: Radiation Pressure Measurements on Micron Grains (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  27. STAIF 2002: Dynamic and Optical Characterization of Dusty Plasmas for Use as Solar Sails (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  28. Physics of Plasmas, 2001, The UAH Spinning Terrella Accelerator (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  29. Submitted to: JGR Special POLAR issue, On the Origin of Outer Radiation Belt Electrons (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  30. UAH Minigrant Seminar, 1999. The UAH Spinning Terrella Accelerator (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF) The Website
  31. JASTP 1999 (Lake Guntersville Workshop, 1998). Tomographic ENA Imaging from Low-Earth Orbit (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
    First Draft: TENACIOUS: The Tomographic ENA Comprehensive Ion and Optical University Satellite (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  32. JGR 99: Simulation of off-equatorial ring current ion spectra measured by POLAR for a moderate storm at solar minimum.
  33. COSPAR 1998, Nagoya Japan.
  34. Russian Conference, 1997: Cusp energetic particle events measured by POLAR Spacecraft
  35. Radiation Belt Conference in Paros, Greece 1997. Magnetic Local Time Survey of Radiation Belt Helium Ion Structure Conducted with Data from the POLAR CAMMICE/HIT Instrument (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  36. GRL 1998. The Discovery of Trapped Energetic Electrons in the Outer Cusp (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  37. GRL 1998. Observation of 40keV Field-Aligned Subauroral Ion Beams (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF) (GRL)
  38. JGR 1998. Cusp Energetic Particle Events: Implications for a Major Acceleration Region of the Magnetosphere (PostScript)
  39. AGU 1997/Science Closure and Enabling Technologies for Constellation Class Missions, 1998. The Kilo-satellite Constellation Concept (Acrobat PDF)
  40. GRL 1997. A New Temporarily Confined Population in the Polar Cap During the August 27, 1996 Geomagnetic Field Distortion Period (PostScript)
  41. GRL 1997. Particle Transport in the Magnetosphere: A New Diffusion Model (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  42. GRL 1997. First energetic neutral atom images from Polar (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF) Correspondence
  43. COSPAR 1996. Alfven Boundaries: Noses and Zippers (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  44. WWW 1996. George Siscoe's White Paper (April 96) on Multiprobes (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  45. Huntsville 1996. Huntsville Workshop: A New Magnetic Storm Model (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  46. SSR 1995. The solar wind and suprathermal ion composition investigation of the WIND spacecraft (PDF)
  47. JGR 1994. On Transport and Loss in the Earth's Symmetric Quiet Ring Current: II. Diffusion and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (Acrobat PDF)
  48. JGR 1993. Ion Transport and Loss in the Earth's Symmetric Quiet Ring Current: I. Data and Standard Model (Acrobat PDF)
  49. GRL 1993. Particle Tracing in the Magnetosphere: New Algorithms and Results (Acrobat PDF)
  50. STEP 1992. Plasmasheet Convection into the Inner Magnetosphere During Quiet Conditions (Acrobat PDF)

Unpublished Papers:

  1. The Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-20) DRAFT
  2. Jesus the Exegete (Mark 12:26-28) (Rough Draft)
  3. The Parables & Miracles of Jesus and His Use of Recursion (John 2:1-11)
  4. A Scientific Study of Genesis 1-2 and Surprising Support for Trichotomy: Body, Soul and Spiritual Being"
  5. "Particulates in NLC and PMSE during DROPPS 1 Flight: PID and PAT Sensors (10/2006)"
  6. "Spinning Terrella Plasma Experiment: Plasma Trapping and Transport", Physics of Plasmas 2002 (HTML)

Rejected Papers:

  1. GRL 1996: A paper rejected without rebuttal first for being "not believable".
  2. GRL 1997: A paper more properly rejected. (Kudos to GRL editor Robert Winglee for due process.)
  3. Publish & Perish: Lessons Learned.
  4. Science, 1998: Discovery of 2nd Trapping Region in Magnetosphere
  5. Nature, 2005: A July 4 prediction "Will Deep Impact Make a Splash?":
    Cover : Paper : Receipt : Reply : (Other formats)
  6. JASTP 2006,2008 "Cusp II.
    The Quadrupole as a Source of Energetic Particles: II. The Static Equinoctal Cusp
  7. PDF version Correspondence
  8. JGR 2006, "Cusp III.
    The Quadrupole as a Source of Energetic Particles: III. High Speed Solar Wind Streams and MeV electrons
  9. PDF version Correspondence

Recent Conferences Organized:

  1. 2008 Huntsville Workshop
  2. Huntsville 2000: A New View of Geospace

Recent Talks:

(PowerPoint slides)
  1. SPIE 2015 San Diego Astrobiology:
  2. MSFC γ-ray journal club:
  3. Huntsville RTB Chapter Meeting:
  4. NETS 2014 Slidell, LA: Dusty Plasma Fission Fragment Rocket Engine
  5. SPIE 2013 San Diego Astrobiology section: Comets and Entropy Hydrodynamics: How Does Evolution Violate the 2nd Law?
  6. NETS2013 Albuquerque:
  7. SPIE 2012 San Diego Astrobiology section: Carbonaceous Chondrites as Bio-engineered Comets
  8. NSSTC Spring 2012:The Dynamic Quadrupole: Jars, Mars, and Stars
  9. SPIE 2011 San Diego Astrobiology section:
  10. NSSTC Spring 2010: There and Back Again: Nuclear Propulsion for a Manned Mission to Mars( PDF)
  11. SPIE 2008 San Diego Astrobiology section: Cosmological Evolution: Spatial Relativity and the Speed of Life
  12. Reasons To Believe, 2008, Huntsville: The Bible and the Evidence for Extra-Terrestrial Life (Real Media video, 16MB)
  13. SPIE 2007 San Diego Astrobiology section: The Cometary Biosphere
  14. NSSTC Spring 2007: The NanoSat Revolution
  15. NSSTC Fall 2006: Noctilucent Clouds, Polar Mesospheric Summer Echoes, and Dusty Plasmas
  16. Huntsville Workshop 10/2006: The ionospheric source of radiation belt particles
  17. SPIE 2006 San Diego Astrobiology section: Implications of Cometary Water: Deep Impact, Stardust, and Hayabusa
  18. NSSTC Summer 2006 Seminar: The 4th Law of Thermodynamics: power laws, coronal heating, reconnection & life
  19. Taylor University, Physics Dept: The Outer Van Allen Radiation Belt and the RBSP Mission
  20. NSSTC Spring 2006 Seminar: The Outer Van Allen Radiation Belt and the RBSP Mission
  21. ESSE 2006 (Earth Sun System Exploration): Solar Wind Energy Coupling Through The Cusp(Poster)
  22. SPIE 2005 San Diego Astrobiology section: Evidence for Liquid Water on Comets
  23. AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference 7/2005 Tucson: A Dusty Plasma Based Fission Fragment Nuclear Reactor/Rocket
  24. NSF/GEM 6/2005 Santa Fe:
  25. NSSTC 5/2005: Fission Fragment Nuclear Rocket
  26. APW 4/05 Huntsville: Dusty Solar Plasma Sails
  27. Chapman Conference 2/2005 Manaus (Corotating Solar Wind Streams and Recurrent Geomagnetic Activity): High Speed Streams & Earth's Quadrupole Cusp: Implications for ORBE
  28. NSSTC 10/2004: Can Comets Contain Water? A "Wet" Comet Theory
  29. Huntsville Workshop 10/2004: A High Latitude Source for -Radiation Belt Particles?
  30. ORBITALS Conference 9/2004: A High Latitude Source for Outer Radiation Belt Electrons?
  31. NSSTC 7/2004: High Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Space Exploration: Past Triumphs, Present Goals, Future Progress
  32. NSF/GEM 6/2004:
  33. RTB 4/2004 Huntsville: Augustine & 20th Century Cosmology
  34. NSSTC 3/2004: The Quadrupole Cusp: A Universal Accelerator (HTML)
  35. NSSTC 10/2003: Magnetized Laboratory Plasmas and Astrophysical Jets (HTML)
  36. NFFP 8/2003 Huntsville: Dusty Plasma Solar Sails (HTML) (Paper)
  37. IPELS 6/2003 Montana: Magnetically Inhomogeneous Plasmas & Space Charge (HTML)
  38. Wheaton College Science Symposium 3/2003: Augustine and 20th Century Cosmology (HTML)
  39. Wheaton College Seminar 2/2003: Rockets, Stars and Jars (HTML)
  40. Wheaton College Science Division Seminar 11/2002: Physics Nobel Prize 2002: Riccardo Giacconi (HTML)
  41. COSPAR 10/2002:
  42. Wheaton College Science Division Seminar 10/2002: Augustine and 20th Century Physics (PostScript) (Acrobat PDF)
  43. MOP 8/2002: Electrostatic trapping of 3u SiO2 dust around a dipole magnet (Postscript) (PDF) (HTML)
  44. AGU Spring 02:
  45. STAIF 02 (Space Technologies and Applications International Forum): Characterization of Dusty Plasmas for Solar Sails (HTML)
  46. AGU Fall 01:
  47. AGU Spring 01:
  48. NSSTC April 12, 2001 (Astrophysical Jets Mini-Symposium): The Spinning Magnet Accelerator (HTML)
  49. APW Spring 01 (Advanced Propulsion Workshop): Can Ultralight Sails be Made from Dust? (HTML)
  50. AGU 2000 Spring/Fall: The UAH Spinning Terrella Accelerator
  51. Huntsville 2000 : Ionospheric Sources of Stormtime RC and Plasmasheet Populations (HTML version)
  52. UAH Fall 00 Colloquium/PH110: Magnetic Ballooning Through the Solar System (HTML)
  53. Chapman Conference 2000: The Prediction of MeV Killer Electrons at GEO
  54. AGU Spring 00: Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities (HTML)
  55. MSFC Spring 00: Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities and Space Lightning (HTML)
  56. CCA FALL 99: COMETS:Past and Future
  57. UAH Fall 99: A History of Space Physics: PHYSICS 110, November 3, 1999 ( HTML )
  58. AGU Fall 99 Meeting:
  59. UAH SEDS 99: The Future in Space: the Promise of Nanosats
  60. Yellowstone 99: Transport in the Magnetosphere Charged Fluid Transport in the Magnetosphere ( HTML)
  61. AGU Spring 99: Composition and Acceleration Processes of Magnetic Storms
  62. UAH Advanced Propulsion Workshop, April 99: Solar Sails with Tether Propulsion
  63. MSFC Mar 99: The Nano-Satellite Kilo-Constellation
  64. SEC Mar 99: Nanosat Magnetometry (PDF)
  65. AGU Fall 98:The Quasi-Neutrality Catastrophe: kV Field-Aligned Potentials
  66. UAH Fall 98 Colloquium: Space Plasma Accelerators: Cosmic CERNs and SLACs
  67. Lake Guntersville 98:TENACIOUS: The Tomographic ENA Comprehensive Ion and Optical University Satellite
  68. COSPAR 98 Meeting: The Bimodal Magnetosphere
  69. AGU Spring 98: The Bimodal Magnetosphere: RC vs MeV Storms
  70. UAH Spring 98 Colloquium :Two Storm Accelerators
  71. GSFC Spring 98 SEC WORKSHOP : Stochastic Acceleration
  72. AGU Fall 97 Meeting: The Difference between Storms and Substorms
  73. IAGA/GEM 97:
  74. AGU Spring 97:
  75. Dartmouth College Seminar (Feb 97)
  76. BU Spring 97 Seminar
  77. AGU Fall 96 Meeting:
  78. Guntersville Meeting (Sep 96)
  79. COSPAR 96:A New Storm Model
  80. AGU Spring 96 Meeting:
  81. Older Posters

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